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AOTM - OMA - Oct 2017

Ontario Masters Athlete of the Month – October

Three co-winners this month! W35 Lyndsay Tessier  2:36:51 in the Toronto Waterfront Marathon (88.48%). She was the sixth female overall, and second Canadian. M55 Chris Deighan Highest age grading in the field for both the Taylor Creek 5K (17:54; 87.06%) and the Don Farquharson 4K (14:29; 82.06%). W60 Barb Dabrowski 34.66m Javelin Throw at the Nevada Senior Games in … [Read More...]

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Chris Warburton

Ontario Masters Athletes of the Year

Male - Sprints / Hurdles M50 Chris Warburton Female - Sprints / Hurdles W60 Karla Del Grande Male - Distance / Walks M50 Paul Osland Female - Distance / Walks W80 Jean Horne Male - Throws M65 Bill Pearson Female - Throws W60 Doreen … [Read More...]