Dispute Resolution

Ontario Masters Athletics follows the Athletics Ontario guidelines;

The Government of Ontario has implemented new mandatory requirements for all Provincial Sport Organizations. Under the Ministry’s revised Sport Recognition Policy, Athletics Ontario has created two new policies, the AO Dispute Resolution Policy and the AO Discipline Policy, to provide our membership with guidance regarding disputes or complaints.

The Dispute Resolution Policy replaces the AO Complaint Policy and outlines the mechanism and procedures for resolving Association disputes, which includes complaints. The policy contains three processes for conflict resolution:

  1. AO Dispute Resolution Process – the step-by-step procedure for handling disputes and complaints..
  2. AO Summary Dispute Resolution Process – an expedited decision-making process for disputes that may affect an athlete’s eligibility for competition, participation on a team or other time-sensitive matters.
  3. AO Appeal Process – provides Members an option to appeal decisions made by AO or individuals that have been delegated decision-making authority by the AO Board.

In addition, the AO Dispute Resolution Policy provides a means for appealing specific matters to the Sport Dispute Resolution Centre of Canada.

AO’s new Discipline Policy applies to matters between AO and its members or between members in relation to conduct or actions contrary to AO By-Laws, rules and regulations, policies, contracts or agreements which may arise during the course of AO business, activities, and events. These can include, but are not limited to competitions, practices, training camps, travel associated with AO activities and meetings.

The dispute resolution policy and processes can be found, here.