Ontario Masters Athlete of the Month – September


W45 Lioudmila Kortchaguina

On September 23rd, she ran the Zoo Run (10K) in Toronto, in 35:45.9 (90.40%; 1st female and 12th overall).
The next day she ran Emilie’s Run (5K) in Ottawa, in 17:17.8 (90.86%; 4th overall and 1st master)

Honorable Mention
M40 Jay Brecher
Jay Brecher was awarded for an outstanding mile time 4:35 – 87.75% age grading in the 2017 New Balance 5th Avenue Mile Race in New York in September. Jay placed 4th out of 451 in his age group in an international field.


Ontario Masters Athletes of the Year


Chris Warburton
Male – Sprints / Hurdles
M50 Chris Warburton

Karla - NCC
Female – Sprints / Hurdles
W60 Karla Del Grande

Paul - AOTY
Male – Distance / Walks
M50 Paul Osland

Jean Horne
Female – Distance / Walks
W80 Jean Horne

Bill Pearson - AOTM
Male – Throws
M65 Bill Pearson

Doreen (2)

Female – Throws
W60 Doreen Garner

Zoltan Sara

Male – Jumps
M40 Zoltan Sara

Sue Hannon

Female – Jumps
W60 Sue Hannon

Peter Pent

Male – Combined Events
M65 Peter Zowkewych


Statistics and Honorable Mentions


Please join us at
the Ontario Athletics Awards Banquet

Where we will announce the Overall Male and Female AOTY

Saturday, September 30th
Beanfield Centre – CNE – Toronto






Ontario Masters Athlete of the Month – August


Four Winners This Month !

Barb Dabrowski

W60 Barb Dabrowski

OMA Championships (1st, JT, 34.00m; 81.32%)

New Canadian Record

Third farthest throw in the world this year for W60 Javelin

Zoltan Sara

M40 Zoltan Sara

NCCWMA Championships (1st, HJ, 1.92m; 87.67%)

Broke a 26-year-old Canadian Record

Karla NCC

W60 Karla Del Grande

NCCWMA Championships (1st, 100m, 13.93; +1.0 m/s; 100.86%); (1st, 200m, 28.71; +1.8 m/s; 102.51%); (1st, 400m, 68.38; 96.61%)

OMA Championships (1st, 100m, 14.39; +0.4 m/s; 97.64%); (1st, 200m, 28.69; +2.1 m/s; 102.58%); (1st, 400m, 68.03; 97.10%)

Earl NCC

M85 Earl Fee

NCCWMA Championships (1st, 400m, 1:24.22; 108.54%) (1st, 800m, 3:39.05; 97.75%)

Both results are world leading

400m time is in the Top 10 All-Time for M85

Photos – Barb (Bill Pearson), Earl & Karla (John MacMillan)


Ontario Masters Athlete of the Month – July


Wendy Alexis

W60 Wendy Alexis

13.88 in the 100 at Senior Nationals (wind: +1.5 m/s; age grading: 99.42%)

Winner of the Masters Invitational 100 at Senior Nationals (13.90; wind: +2.5 m/s)

29.77 in the 200 at Ottawa Twilight #7 on July 19th (wind: +0.1 m/s; age grading: 96.91%)


Honourable Mention:

W60 Doreen Garner (set a Canadian Record in the Shot Put at Throwers Club Meet #2 (10.04m))

W60 Karla Del Grande (14.31 in the 100 at the York Twilight in Toronto on Jul. 11th (wind: -1.9 m/s; age grading: 98.18%); 69.99 in the 400 on Jul. 11th (age grading: 94.38%)

W50 Liz Maguire (5:00.52 in the 1500 at Ottawa Twilight #6; age grading: 92.07%; won the Masters Invitational 1500 at Senior Nationals by over ten seconds (5:05.60))

M50 Chris Lemassif (24.33 in the 200 at Senior Nationals; wind: +1.1 m/s; age grading: 92.15%; 11.93 in the 100 at Senior Nationals; wind: +1.3 m/s; age grading: 92.04%)



Ontario Masters Athlete of the Month – June


Jim Dyck

M50 Jim Dyck ran 2:04.71 at the 800 Festival in Toronto on June 29th

That was an age-grading of 94.03%


Honourable Mention – M65 Peter Zowkewych – Silver at USATF National Decathlon Championships (Ontario Record – Decathlon – 5217 points; Ontario Record – High Jump – 1.45m).

(Photo by John MacMillan)


Ontario Masters 10K Championships


OMA Waterfront 10K 2017
OMA Road Race Director Lynn Bourque did another great job coordinating the Championships with the Waterfront 10K in Toronto on June 17th
Lynn was also the Ontario W50 10K Champion

Joining Lynn are the three M45 medalists – Michal Kapral (Silver), Mirco Graenert (Bronze) and Ontario Champion Predrag Mladenovic





Ontario Masters Athlete of the Month – April


Krista Duchene

W40 Krista Duchene was 1st W40 (25th woman overall) at London Marathon in 2:43:31 (AG 85.38%)

Honorable Mention – M50 Jianping Xu  – Racewalker, took Silver in all 3 distances at the NZ World Masters Games: 1500mRW – 6.59.11 – AG 84.50%. 3000mRW – 14:35.39 – AG 82.58%. 5000mRW – 25:05.29 – AG 81.73%.


40th Anniversary !


OMTFA jpeg

The Ontario Masters passed it’s 40th Anniversary this month.

Before the creation of the association, there was an Ontario representative on the Canadian Masters International Track Team from 1973.

We were incorporated in 1997 and adopted the logo above

History on the OMA

Capture - 96 OMA OutdoorsMeet Directors from the 1997 Championships
Jim Pascoe, Doug Smith, Brian Keaveney, Jim Flowers