Ontario Cross Country Championships


Ontario Cross Country Championships

Morrison Meadows Park – Bracebridge
9:15am  –  Sunday, November 12th, 2017

Hosted by the Muskoka Algonquin Runners


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OMA medals to the top three individuals in each five year age group from 30-34 and up.

OMA medals to all members of the first teams in each age category.
Club teams only.  4 can run as a team, top 3 to score by total place. (M70, W50, W60, 3 to run, 2 to score)
Teams must be declared, by email by Thursday Nov 9th at Noon.
Send to Doug

1) Men 30-39, 2) Men 40-49, 3) Men 50-59, 4) Men 60-69, 5) M70+ (2 to score)
6) Women 30-39, 7) Women 40-49, 8) W50-59 (2 to score), 9) W60+ (2 to score).

A maximum of one woman may run on a men’s team in an age group 10 years above her age (eg. a W40 can run on an M50 team).




Results Overall

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Club Scoring for the Breslin Cup

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