Ontario Masters Athlete of the Month – August


Four Winners This Month !

Barb Dabrowski

W60 Barb Dabrowski

OMA Championships (1st, JT, 34.00m; 81.32%)

New Canadian Record

Third farthest throw in the world this year for W60 Javelin

Zoltan Sara

M40 Zoltan Sara

NCCWMA Championships (1st, HJ, 1.92m; 87.67%)

Broke a 26-year-old Canadian Record

Karla NCC

W60 Karla Del Grande

NCCWMA Championships (1st, 100m, 13.93; +1.0 m/s; 100.86%); (1st, 200m, 28.71; +1.8 m/s; 102.51%); (1st, 400m, 68.38; 96.61%)

OMA Championships (1st, 100m, 14.39; +0.4 m/s; 97.64%); (1st, 200m, 28.69; +2.1 m/s; 102.58%); (1st, 400m, 68.03; 97.10%)

Earl NCC

M85 Earl Fee

NCCWMA Championships (1st, 400m, 1:24.22; 108.54%) (1st, 800m, 3:39.05; 97.75%)

Both results are world leading

400m time is in the Top 10 All-Time for M85

Photos – Barb (Bill Pearson), Earl & Karla (John MacMillan)