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Information on Masters Athletics

Training, Nutrition, Injury Prevention and Treatment, etc.
(compiled by Karla Del Grande)

We’d welcome specific tips on throws, jumps, hurdles, race walks, etc. to add to this list.

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• Wikipedia (look how high OMA is on the list of links!!)

• The Coaching Association of Canada

– contains “Must-Knows” for masters athletes and coaches about physical characteristics and health conditions of masters athletes as well as a list of  resources


– described as “Older, slower, lower: Ken Stone’s world and USA home page for adult age-group track and field,” this site has newsworthy items, but also some gems contributed by athletes, such as this one:

Steve Robbins Guide to Masters Sprinting “WHAT I LEARNED FROM 50+ YEARS OF SPRINTING” – Steve is a well respected, experienced, successful masters track athlete with great advice

• Greyhounds Masters Track and Field Club

This club has posted terrific resources by coaches Harold Morioka, Sam Walker, and Sharon Evans, which they’ve kindly allowed us to access. This is a gold mine, especially for those with no access to a coach and need year round training plans and workouts (Harold), lots of sensible advice (Sam) and tips on jumps (Sharon). Please send them a thank-you if you use the site, using the contact info provided.

You can also subscribe to weekly training emails with tips and workouts.


– a track and field site from a Canadian masters athlete and coach who has a passion for our sport, and writes and gathers informative articles and videos on training, technique, injury prevention, and inspiration. His site has a Masters category listed under the Training section, where you’ll find articles such as these:


– articles and videos giving advice to runners of any age, but also especially useful to masters athletes, especially on nutrition and injury prevention, such as these:

(includes quote from Earl Fee) – 3vSv3ydt6DfKR1rM.01

• How to Avoid Slowing Down as You Age

– podcast by Pete Magill, who writes extensively on masters running for Running Times Magazine

• Miscellaneous Articles on Masters

Age no limit for Masters track and field athletes

Here’s Another Way Running Helps to Slow Aging

• Books on Masters Athletics

– “The Great Earl” (as he is called), one of our outstanding Canadian masters athletes, has written several books on sprinting and aging

– Olga Kotelko, our 95 year old Canadian superstar, who died June 2014, is featured in a book about aging, and also wrote her own book

– another Canadian, Margaret Webb, has written a book subtitled “What Women Runners Can Teach Us All About Living Younger, Longer”

– the cover suggests that this book, by masters coach Cathy Utzschneider, can help you “Run faster and stronger while avoiding injuries.”


Please send suggestions for additions to this list to Karla Del Grande