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OMA 2022 Athletes of the Year and Hall of Fame

Masters Athletes of the Year


W40 Sasha Gollish set a CAN record – 1500m – 4:16.46 at the La Classique D’Athletisme de Montréal
on June 5th in Montreal, PQ

also broke the WORLD Record and CAN Record in the 1 Mile in a time of 4:38.73 at the OMA Championships.
Previous WR was 4:44.81 held by Sonja Friend-Uhl, USA, 2012.
Previous CAN record was 4:57.71 held by Patty Blanchard, NB, 1999

M90 Canio Polosa broke multiple CAN Records

CAN Road Best – 8K – 58:55   London
(previous CAN 1:13:09 Maurice Tarrant BC)

CAN Road Best – 5 Mile – 59:17  London (no previous)

CAN Road Best – 10K – 1:14:04  London  (no previous)

Ontario Masters Hall of Fame Inductee


Barbara Dabrowski has been a member of OMA since 2006.
Currently, she competes primarily in javelin (in which she is undefeated in her
age group since 2006) and previously she had also competed in shot put and
Barbara is a prolific competitor. She won 12 gold medals in 8 CMA
Championships, a perfect record. In 10 USATF Masters Championships she
won 5 gold, 4 silver and one bronze medal. In 4 NCCWMA Championships she
won 3 gold and one silver medal. She won gold at the World Masters Games in
2017 and in 6 WMA Championships she won 4 gold, 1 silver and 1 medals.
Barbara currently holds CMA records in three age groups and has repeatedly
broken her own records. That in the W50 age group has stood for 13 years.
She has been top 4 in the WMA rankings 10 times since 2007 and 1st in three of
those years.
Barb gives back to the sport through her involvement with the Throwers Club

2022 Masters All Ontarians


SPRINT/HURDLES                                                SPRINT/HURDLES

Milton Hart                                                           Karla Del Grande

Obrian Gibbons                                                    Renata Macherzynska

Gavin Smellie

DISTANCE/WALKS                                                DISTANCE/WALKS

Jim Dyck                                                                 Elizabeth Waywell

Dan Fiorini                                                             Sasha Gollish

Canio Palosa                                                          Jennifer MacDonell

JUMPS                                                                    JUMPS

Donald Ritchie                                                      Marisa Cadienhead

Thevarajan Sinnathurai                                         Kairy Loucks

Peter Zowkewych

THROWS                                                                THROWS

Mike Ransky                                                          Kristin Dajia

Michael Finkbeiner                                              Barb Dabrowski

Boris Zaitchouk                                                     Adri Rowswell

COMBINED EVENTS                                             COMBINED EVENTS

no competitors                                                     no competitors

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